Mauro C. Martinez  | »Sensitive Content No. 22«
Mauro C. Martinez  | »Sensitive Content No. 22«
Mauro C. Martinez  | »Sensitive Content No. 22«
Mauro C. Martinez  | »Sensitive Content No. 22«
Mauro C. Martinez  | »Sensitive Content No. 22«

Mauro C. Martinez | »Sensitive Content No. 22«

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Giclée print on Watercolour White
300 gsm paper with cut edges
Edition size will be dertermined by the amount of prints sold within 24 hours
Numbered and signed by the artist on the front
50,8 x 40,6 cm

Artwork avaiable for 24 hours only - starting from 7 PM Berlin time on Thursday, 15th October 2020

Mauro C. Martinez juxtaposes common pictorial forms from art history with the monotonous streams of online imagery that we, as an increasingly digital society, are so often subjected to. Skillfully utilising metaphor, irony and dark humour, Martinez’s paintings respond to the doctrines of internet culture, at once critiquing and mocking our relationship with contemporary imagery. Martinez’s style is malleable, rejecting creative rigidity in favour of listening to the requirements of an image; his source image leads him, dictating the visual outcome of the piece, leaving the artist to focus purely on technique and methodology. His sensitive content series needed to be based upon a blurred image, therefore an airbrush became necessary; then, as the fine and precise nature of the text overlay was more of a challenge to recreate, silk screen printing became imperative. This reliance on technique at the behest of a definitive message allows the pieces to enter the world, be it in physical or digital form, free from conceptual shackles - this in turn allows the work to come full circle as a perfectly realised fine-art meme.

Please note that purchases will be capped at three prints per customer. If more than three editions are bought by any one individual, EDITION KÖNIG reserves the right to refund and cancel the purchase of any works exceeding this limit.

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